Self Care but for your CANDLES

Candle care, overrated right? WRONG! Caring for your candle is VERY necessary. Not only does it improve the performance and overall burn of your candle, it ensures the safety and integrity of your candle too - major win!

So, what is candle care? Essentially, caring for your candle maintains the wick of your candle; it ensures that the wick is at optimal height, centred and straight. We have just launched our candle care kit that has everything that you will need to look after your candles. It features a wick trimmer, wick dipper, wick snuffer and a sleek tray to place them all on.


Follow our FIVE STEP guide:

  1. Before each and every burn, it’s imperative that you trim your wick to approximately 6mm. Don’t make the mistake of cutting your wick too short, as your candle flame won’t reach the optimal temperature - and hence, your candle will not burn correctly. Use the wick trimmer in our candle care kit to trim your wick instead of poking your candle with scissors. Make sure you dispose of the wick trimmings - don’t allow them to stay on the wax surface.
  2. Your luxurious lid is perfect to use as a surface heat protector as your candle is burning. So, before you light your candle, ensure that the surface is flat, place the lid underneath, and place your candle in the centre - then you’re right to go. 
  3. On every burn, but especially on your first burn, ensure the wax pool (molten wax) reaches the glassware. This correctly sets the memory of your candle. When you burn your candle properly, the potential for tunnelling (leaving a thick layer of wax around the jar) is avoided, and therefore, a longer candle life is achieved. Yaaaaass!
  4. Using your candle care kit, there’s two ways to extinguish your candle. The first is by using the wick dipper to extinguish the candle. Simply dip the wick into the wax, and then bring it back up, straightening and centring it again - viola, no smelly smoke. The second way to extinguish your candle is by using your snuffer. Simply put the cup end over the candle flame, close enough to the wax so that the flame is starved of oxygen. Super easy!
  5. Place the lid on your candle after each burn to ensure a fresher, longer lasting fragrance. Of course, wait until your candle has stopped smoking before you place your lid on.

Click here to view our complete candle care guidelines and precautions. We want you to be safe. Although candles are pretty, they are a fire source and need to be treated carefully and responsibly.

Much Love, 

Your Spiritual Healer and Dealer