Our crystals are high quality and ethically sourced from various locations worldwide. We have chosen each and every piece from our trusted suppliers – and each are intuitively picked for you.

Crystals and semi-precious gemstones are loved for their beauty, wondrous nature and their healing energies that radiate from them. There are many ways to invite in healing from crystals. A common way one can bring in a crystal's energy is by holding it in one's palm - allowing the mind, body and soul to be still. Be still for about five minutes, spend up to an hour in this trance-like state, and watch your energy change. 
You will notice we have different formations of crystal. Each of them have different purposes, but they all carry the same energy within their crystal family. No matter the form, supercharge your healing by placing your crystal/s next to your luxe vegan candles.

The most untouched crystal formation, a rough crystal is not polished or treated once extracted. Raw crystals are very powerful as their energy is unrefined. This type of crystal can be used in meditation at your feet or on your body, if it's comfortable; it can also be used in any healing capacity given that is it cleansed and feels balanced.

Depending on the structure of the crystal/gemstone, your cluster may still be attached to the outer rock - a prime example is our amethyst clusters. Your crystal is in its natural form and has many natural points (see below). Because of this, it is a very powerful stone to keep in your home, and helps to encourage a focused energy - and is great in crystal grids. Clusters can be used in meditation at your feet or on your body, if it's comfortable.

Natural points are broken from a cluster, and have one point in their structure. The base is often left untouched, and may be rough and uneven. Natural points direct a diffused energy from the base, and out through the point. Natural points can be used in a crystal grid or as tools to assist in healing body, mind, soul and surroundings.​ 

Like natural points, generators have one point in their structure. The main difference between a generator and a natural point is the base. Generators usually have a flat, polished base, allowing the crystal to be upright and balanced. Like natural points, you can use a generator in a crystal grid or as tools to assist in healing body, mind, soul and surroundings.

Towers are polished crystal formations that stand upright; they have flat bottoms and a point on top. Like natural points, towers direct energy from the base to the point. Towers can be used in crystal grids, or as an energetic magnet in any room.

This type of crystal often grows from a 'seed' and expands outward in opposing directions, which is why these wands direct energy in both directions. Double terminated wands can be natural, or they can be cut into shape. They can be used in a healing grid. These wands promote dream recall and psychic ability; and can be used in healing body, mind, soul and surroundings without depleting the healers' energy.

Tumbled stones are polished crystal pieces that easily fit into the palm of your hand, making them ideal for carrying with you and on your person throughout the day for extra support. You can even sleep with one underneath your pillow for assistance with dreams and sleeping problems. Tumbled stones are useful in crystal grids, just as they are great to hold in the palm of your hand when meditating.

PLEASE NOTE: Crystal sizes are to be only used as a guide. Colour may differ due to lighting and screen displays. Crystals are, by nature, very individual; no crystal formation is the same.

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39 products