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The intention candle EVERYONE needs right now.

222 is inspired by the energy of this year. 2022 is a 6 year in numerology; a year that will put your relationships in the spotlight. Our connections with people, places, beliefs and things will be a common theme this year - both positive and negative. This energy will allow us to see our growth, but also areas where we need healing, so allow yourself the space to embrace your wounds.

222 is harmonised with neroli, orange blossom, musk, velvety vanilla, orange essential oil and balanced with earthy greens. She is dressed with rose buds and rose quartz in two forms – a large tumbled stone and smaller raw pieces, encouraging you to look for the love around you and weave in a loving tone into everything that you do. Note: The tumbled stone is intended to be removed and held in the palm of the hand whilst meditating with 222. Rose buds must also be removed prior to lighting.

222 is the friend who wants to see you shine to your highest potential;
222 is the act of kindness one stranger does for another;
222 is your reminder to keep going.

This year especially, it's important that we consistently work to restructure our perspective, so that we can move forward with confidence for a bright future. Our expectations may not always match our reality, but we have the choice of how we respond; we can always pivot to make lemonade out of lemons.

2022 is about movement forward and having a healthy perspective; it's a year where we must embrace love and look for authenticity in all of our connections. Many of us have realised that life is too short for anything less than everything we've ever wanted. May 222 serve as your reminder that you can have everything, you just need to align your actions with your words, and work towards making your dreams a reality.

Encased in our beautiful matte black and silver-lined glassware, our limited edition prayer candle will help you to set the tone for your new year. 222 will help you to align to a pure energy of hope, abundance and gratitude. The silver electroplated lining of the glassware was INTENTIONAL. May this candle serve as a reminder to look back at the challenging times over the past two years, and actively seek out the SILVER LINING.

Journalling and Meditation activity when you're invoking the energy of 222
Even though nothing went how you expected:

⦾ What did you learn?
⦾ What realisations did you have?
⦾ Did you adopt a healthier mindset?
⦾ Did you restructure your values in a way that is more conducive to who you are as a person?
⦾ What have you realised that you must release in order to grow?
⦾ Have you acknowledged your own part in your pain?
⦾ If the past two years was a book, what was the theme and lesson for the main character? ie: you.

Ask yourself these questions in meditation with 222, and journal your answers. 

Warning: Roses and large rose quartz tumbled stone must be removed prior to burning.
Note: This product does not come with a lid.

280G | Approx. 55+ hour burn time