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We meet again, Mercury Retrograde. 

Our Mercury Retrograde survival kit was created to support and counteract the energy being thrown at us all during this time. When we energetically prepare ourselves, we are able to better navigate what is dealt to us and potentially avoid unnecessary strain. We need to help ourselves in whatever way possible.

Here's the contents of our survival kit and how it will support your energy during this Mercury Retrograde, valued at $111:

1 E-Book featuring journal prompts, a daily check-in calendar and general tips
1 The Emperor, 100g luxe crystal candle, infused with Lapis Lazuli
1 Libra, 100g luxe candle
1 Virgo, 100g luxe candle
1 Blue Fluorite, tumbled crystal
1 Sodalite, tumbled crystal

  • Libra and Virgo will prime and ground you in the energy of this zodiac season; helping to make you feel more comfortable during this period.
  • The Emperor will help to target your throat charka and enhance communication and understanding.
  • Lapis Lazuli (inside The Emperor) will enhance one's thirst for knowledge, understanding and truth. Stimulating the third eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli helps to enhance memory, learning and overall cognitive function.
  • Blue Fluorite encourages clear and concise communication on all levels.
  • Sodalite inspires an awakening of the mind, encouraging you to examine and understand more about the situations around you.

Use these tools with the intention of healing, clarity and peace.

SO.. what's a retrograde anyway and what does it mean for me?
When a planet is in retrograde, it means that it is going backwards. This isn't the case for Mercury - the planet is just slowing down, giving the optical illusion of a backwards transit.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of technology, communication, information and expression. When in retrograde, Mercury causes havoc and unrest in these areas.

For example: in communication with others, you may be misunderstood and you may misunderstand others; technology is likely to glitch; and confusion will be in the air.⁠ Traffic is likely to worsen, and if you need to travel, beware of potential disturbances to your itinerary. You may also need some extra time to understand new concepts during this time – due to the mental fog that we will all feel at some point during this retrograde. Be prepared to go over a few things in mid-late October once the shadow period is over.⁠

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