THE WORLD | Success, Healing, New Cycle

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about: The World

Major Fragrance Notes: Jasmine, Orange Peel, Driftwood and Vanilla
Crystals: Rainbow Moonstone and Green Fuchsite
Tarot Card Meaning: Success; Healing; Forgiving; New Cycle
Chakra: Crown Chakra
Chakra Meaning: Higher consciousness; Connection with spirit; Awareness
Colour of wax: White

LIMITED EDITION The World is infused with rainbow moonstone and green fuchsite, which are melted into the enchanting essences of jasmine, orange peel, driftwood and vanilla. This candle is encased in our limited edition frosted jars.

The World represents completion. In line with the laws of the cyclical nature of life, with the completion of one cycle, another cycle will replace it. The World wants you to know that this new cycle is coming to broaden your horizons, and challenge you to level up. With this comes new opportunities and the potential for growth. Align with your highest good, and highest self, and proceed with confidence, clarity and gusto. 

280g | 50+ hour burn time

100% natural oils
Infused with Rainbow Moonstone and Green Fuchsite
Assists in balancing the body's energy fields
Hand poured when the moon is right
Blessed using ancient rituals