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Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment of Fees
      1. To secure your booking with Wikan Designs, you will be required to pay the full amount of your service upfront. Without full payment, your appointment will not be scheduled or considered.
      2. The Fee for your reading is non-refundable (including after your reading takes place), except in accordance with the Cancellation Policy (set out below)
  2. Booking/Service Conditions – Online & In Person
      1. If you make a booking to participate in an Online Reading (via Zoom/Facetime/Google Meet, for example) these following conditions apply to you;
        1. All services are conducted on the time and date according to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST);
        2. You are responsible for ensuring that you convert time correctly (if you reside in a different time zone) so you can participate in a reading at the correct time. Any incorrect conversions leading to a no show will be treated as a cancelled appointment, as per our Cancellation Policy (set out below);
        3. You must use an email during the check out process, as a link will be emailed to you to participate in your reading (if not specified otherwise). You must use this link in order to participate in the online reading;
        4. By making a booking, you agree that during the reading, you will be alone in a quiet room and will not be disturbed/distracted during your reading time;
        5. Please remove all electronic devices from your person;
        6. You (or others) must not electronically record your reading using any software, apps or using another device, in any circumstance without prior consent;
        7. If your internet connection does not consistently perform at an adequate speed, then you acknowledge and accept that your reading is subject to static/freezing, drop outs, and/or disconnection;
        8. You must be available, online and ready for your appointment at least 5 minutes before your scheduled reading time. Any lateness will impact your reading time;
        9. Ensure you have the latest version of any communication software and/or internet browser used to facilitate your reading. Ensure the above is fully functional, as no time extensions or postponements will occur if there are delays due to connectivity issues; and,
        10. If you are experiencing poor connectivity, Wikan Designs will attempt to re-establish the connection a maximum of three (3) times during your scheduled time slot. If after these 3 attempts, connection is not made, or if poor connection is still negatively impacting the reading, then the reading will be considered to have been cancelled by you and you will not be entitled to a refund. Please see our Cancellation Policy below.
      2. If you make a booking to participate in an in person reading, these following conditions apply to you, along with any other applicable conditions above;
        1. You agree to be on time, or risk forfeiting part or the entirety of your booking. Very late, or no shows will be processed in accordance to our cancellation policy;
        2. You agree to attend your booking alone at the designated address and time;
        3. You (or others) must not electronically record your reading using any software, apps or using another device, in any circumstance without prior consent.
  3. Scheduling an Appointment/Booking
      1. If you need to reschedule an appointment, it will be accommodated 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time. Please note: Wikan Designs does not consistently conduct personal readings – they are sporadic and conducted in accordance to scheduling and other commitments. Requests made within the 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment will be treated as a cancellation, as per our Cancellation Policy (see below);
      2. Wikan Designs may be required to reschedule appointments if the operator is considered unable, due to circumstances outside of her control, for example: sickness, internet connectivity issues, or any other unforeseen circumstances). You agree to negotiate another suitable time.
  4. Termination of Bookings 
    1. Wikan Designs is entitled to cancel and/or terminate a booking at any given time for any, or no reason – this includes any time during your session. If your service needs to be terminated due to no fault of your own and given you are not in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, Wikan Designs will refund any portion Fee not redeemed for service, if applicable.
    2. Abusive, rude, derogatory and/or disrespectful comments or attitudes of any kind will not be tolerated. Your service will be terminated immediately, and no refunds will be given, as per our Cancellation Policy.
  5. Conditions and Agreements of the Booking/Service
    1. Readings/spiritual services are not intended for fortune telling purposes. Each individual is responsible for their own future trajectory;
    2. You recognise that engaging in any spiritual services can often be an emotional, and sometimes confronting, experience, and you are prepared to deal with any and all repercussions.
    3. Bookings are not able to be transferred to another person.
    4. Spiritual Services/Readings are intended to be booked by the individual, not a third party. If you are purchasing a service on behalf of someone else (as a gift), you are held accountable to these Terms and Conditions.
    5. Any advice/insight/guidance provided to you is not intended to substitute legal, financial, medical, psychological or any other professional advice of any kind. If your reading makes reference to any issues in the fields aforementioned, you should seek professional advice – these readings DO NOT replace the need for professional advice.
    6. Readings and any spiritual services are intended to be attended by individuals only. No other individuals are to be present in the room.
    7. A spiritual healing or cleansing does not guarantee changes in ones life. An individual takes full accountability to make a difference in their own life.
    8. Readings will vary between people, and between readings – no two are the same, and therefore, it is impossible to maintain consistency. Wikan Designs aims to ensure that the operator gives all that they can during these readings; Wikan Designs cannot and does not guarantee any aspect of the reading (including perceived accuracy, relatability etc) nor can we guarantee any answers/advice for specific areas of life you wish to explore.
    9. You understand that any messages may be able to be interpreted in multiple ways, and are therefore open to your individual interpretation.
    10. You understand your reading can address topics that you do not invoke.
    11. Wikan Designs does not provide services to conduct, or remove, any curses or any black magic techniques. 
    12. You must not mislead, or intend to disrupt the reading by providing false information.
    13. Wikan Designs will not engage in any activity that undermines or interrupts the free-will of any other person or entity.
    14. You agree that you are mentally stable, and are fit to participate in a psychic reading.
    15. No assumption of responsibility or liability is taken by Wikan Designs, for choices made by the individual after a service by Wikan Designs. An individual's actions will remain their own individual responsibility and a result of their own thoughts, feelings and choices.
    16. You agree that you will obtain the necessary professional advice before making any potentially life altering decisions.
  6. Responsibility for Your Actions
    1. For legal reasons, please be advised that these readings and any associated spiritual services are for entertainment purposes only.
    2. You agree you will not be reliant on any information discussed in this reading or spiritual service/s.
    3. What you choose to do with any information remains your personal decision, choice and responsibility.
    4. By engaging in a service with Wikan Designs, you agree that you take full and complete accountability for any and all decisions that you make as a result. You agree that Wikan Designs is released from any and all responsibility and liability in relation to, or connected with your reading and/or spiritual service.
    5. All readings and spiritual services should not be, at any time, regarded as professional advice. Always seek relevant and personalised professional advice.
  7. Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement
    1. Any topic of discussion in your reading will be treated as confidential by you and Wikan Designs.
    2. You will not make any representation, online, or otherwise, that may discredit or negatively affect Wikan Designs in any way. This is inclusive of any comments regarding the content of your reading that are misleading, negative or untruthful.


Please note: The laws of Victoria govern these Terms and Conditions.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, Wikan Designs requires more than 48 hours notice from your appointment time. As mentioned above, all reading sales are final and non-refundable. Wikan Designs will reschedule your appointment in the event of needing to cancel more than 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel within 48 hours before your appointment time, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to half of the amount of the booked services. No monies will be refunded, but credit will be given in form of a Store Gift Card for, in which it can be used as (part) payment for any Wikan Designs products and/or services. If you cancel within 24 hours prior to your appointment (or fail to attend your appointment, including due to connectivity issues), you will forfeit the full Fee for your appointment. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, or have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at