ABALONE SHELL | Smudge Bowl, Water Element

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Abalone shells are truly mesmerising; and the best thing about it, this beauty has purpose. Having come from Gaia's oceans, she carries water energy; illuminating a warm, gentle, healing vibration. 

You can use your abalone shell in a number of ways. A popular way is as a durable smudge bowl; it is flame resistant and can be used to shield surfaces from heat damage whilst using your smudge stick. Rest your smudge stick on your abalone shell before, during or after your ritual. You can also use your abalone shell as the water element in your rituals; or, as a pretty jewellery bowl.

Our shells are harvested ethically and cleaned safely. Please note: as shells are natural, they are imperfect; they may have slightly broken edges.

Size: ~ 14 x 12cm