Agate Sphere | Stability, Confidence, Security

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Agate is a stabilising and strengthening crystal. She vibrates at a steady, slow and low intensity, creating the perfect environment to nurture inner stability, confidence and security. Balancing the physical, mental and emotional energy in the body, Agate typically is attuned to the root chakra, but can be used to stabilise all chakras and the auric field. Agate inspires harmony with positive and negative energies within your environment and your body; because of this, she is especially useful for unpacking and healing past trauma. Agate helps to release any desires or needs that you may have, that do not align with your highest good. Promoting self acceptance, she inspires you to heal your internalised anger and fear – and rather, focus on higher dimensional frequencies such as love, kindness and compassion. Amplify this energy by pairing Agate with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

We intuitively choose your crystal, just for you.

The following size is a guide only. It is measured at the widest/longest points of our crystals.

Medium: ~6.5cm diametre
Large: ~8cm diametre