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"I am soft.
I am desirable.
I am the personification of love.
I am Aphrodite. 
I am woman."

Aphrodite is the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. To the Greek gods, she was the epitome of beauty and was often regarded as the object of affection for many.

Ancient civilisations believed that instead of blood, God's and Goddesses had gold running through their veins. It is with that belief we created Aphrodite, the only body candle that BLEEDS GLITTER.

Aphrodite encapsulates the complexity of love within her vessel. She is the love that makes your heart happy; in the same breath, she is the love that pushes you into a deep darkness. She is not perfect, but she is whole and she is raw. She is beauty and she is pain. 

Roses, the flowers of love, are also sacred to Aphrodite. True to her energy, Aphrodite is scented with a beautiful, multi-dimensional rosy floral, capturing the complexity of her being.

May Aphrodite serve as a reminder to be soft, and embrace your imperfections. Goddess energy is within ALL women. Call upon Aphrodite to help you in times of need, and allow her to awaken and assist you in harnessing your own power.

Please note: Colour varies between each batch.

WARNING: As your goddess body candle burns, the wax will run down her body, and eventually, she will melt down completely. Always burn your goddess body candle on a fireproof surface that is able to hold her wax pool - ie. a plate/bowl. As always, follow our candle care and safety guidelines.