Carnelian Tower | Empowerment, Creativity, Vitality

Carnelian Tower | Empowerment, Creativity, Vitality

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Carnelian is the stone of empowerment. Inspiring one to overcome procrastination and encouraging them to take action, Carnelian helps you to focus on the task at hand. Restoring motivation, vitality and creativity, it is a fantastic crystal to keep in either your home or work environment when the energy feels sluggish. Connected to the sacral chakra, Carnelian helps to stimulate a creative, passionate and intuitive energy. This orange-hued crystal will help you to infuse life force energy into all that you do; all you must do is allow passion to guide you. Amplify this energy by pairing Carnelian with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

We intuitively choose your crystal, just for you.

The following size is a guide only. It is measured at the widest/longest points of our crystals.

~ 8cm - 11cm