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"I am unapologetically fierce.
I clear the old to make way for the new.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
I am Oya. I am woman."

Oya is the African goddess of rebirth, change and protection. She is a warrior queen that is loved and equally feared for her fierce and relentless behaviour. Oya controlled hurricanes, thunder, lightening, winds and storms. In her time, she brought about destructive weathers that ultimately dismantled the old, so that the new could be rebuilt on stronger foundations.

In this same fashion, Oya will protect you from harm by cleansing your environment. She will inspire you to remove what no longer serves you so that you can move forward in a new way with confidence.

Being the goddess of change, Oya uses her sword to cut through stagnation, negativity and clear the way for new beginnings. True to her energy, Oya is scented with geranium, sandalwood, orange blossom and amber, capturing her strong, yet feminine demeanour.

May Oya serve as a reminder to be one with change. Goddess energy is within ALL women. Call upon Oya to help you in times of need, and allow her to awaken and assist you in harnessing your own power.

Please note: Colour varies between each batch.

WARNING: As your goddess body candle burns, the wax will run down her body, and eventually, she will melt down completely. Always burn your goddess body candle on a fireproof surface that is able to hold her wax pool - ie. a plate/bowl. As always, follow our candle care and safety guidelines.