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The intention candle EVERYONE needs right now.

This candle is hand poured on 8/8, arguably one of the most astrologically charged days of the year: The Lion's Gate Portal. It is an energetically supported time to manifest your wildest dreams.

Please note: Orders with this product will ship by COB Wednesday 11th August, 2021.


Harmonised with neroli, orange blossom, musk, velvety vanilla, orange essential oil and balanced with earthy greens, DEAR 2021 will empower and embrace you. DEAR 2021 feels like a warm hug from your best friend - the friend who wants to see you shine to your highest potential. 

Encased in our beautiful matte black and silver-lined glassware, our limited edition prayer candle will help you to set the tone for your new year. It's so important that we consistently work to restructure our perspective, so that we can move forward with confidence for a bright future.

DEAR 2021 makes a great, thoughtful gift for your loved ones; yes, you count as one of your 'loved ones' (because you should love yourself - buying yourself gifts is self love and self care, right? Right).

This prayer candle will help you to align to a pure energy of hope, abundance and gratitude. The silver electroplated lining of the glassware was INTENTIONAL. May this candle serve as a reminder to look back at the challenging times in 2020, and actively seek out the SILVER LINING.
Even though nothing went how you expected:
What did you learn? What realisations did you have? Did you adopt a healthier mindset? Did you restructure your values in a way that is more conducive to who you are as a person? Ask yourself these questions in meditation with DEAR 2021, and journal your answers. 

280G | Approximately 55+ hour burn time