Lapis Lazuli Point | Truth, Power, Vision

Lapis Lazuli Point | Truth, Power, Vision

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Lapis Lazuli (also known as ‘Lapis’), the stone of truth, has been a symbol of royalty, power and vision since the Ancient Egyptian era. The thirst for knowledge, understanding and learning is something that defines Lapis energy; on a personal level, Lapis inspires you to understand yourself on a deeper, truer level. Primarily stimulating the third eye chakra, but also the throat chakra, she encourages you to illuminate all forms of communication, bringing in harmony and honesty of your spirit. Amplify this energy by pairing Lapis Lazuli with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

We intuitively choose your crystal, just for you.

The following size is a guide only. It is measured at the widest/longest points of our crystals.

~ 8cm - 9cm