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We meet again, Mercury Retrograde.

This time, we are PREPARED. Our Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit features:

1x THE EMPEROR – including clear quartz crystal (Full Size - 55+hr burn)
1x AQUARIUS (Small - 15+hr burn)
1x SELF LOVE BATH SOAK – including rose quartz crystal (Full Size - 250g)
1x Jasper Print tumbled stone
1x Red Aventurine tumbled stone
1x Lapis Lazuli tumbled stone
1x Jade tumbled stone

SO.. what's a retrograde anyway and what does it mean for me?

When a planet is in retrograde, it means that it is going backwards. This isn't the case for Mercury - the planet is just slowing down, giving the optical illusion of a backwards transit. For instance, when you're driving on the freeway and passing a slower car, it appears to be going backwards; we all know that this isn't true – you are just going faster.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, information and expression. When in retrograde, Mercury causes havoc and unrest in these areas. For instance: in communication with others, you may be misunderstood and you may very well misunderstand others; technology is likely to glitch; and be prepared for confusion to be in the air.⁠ Traffic is likely to worsen, and if you need to travel, beware of potential disturbances to your itinerary. You may not understand new concepts very well during this time; this is thanks to the mental fog that we will all feel at some point or another during this retrograde. So, be prepared to go over a few things in early March once the shadow period is over.⁠
If you want more information on Mercury Retrograde, click here to view our latest blog post. 

Here's how this kit will be your support system during this Mercury Retrograde:

  • Aquarius will prime and ground you in the energy of this zodiac season. Inspiring you to focus on you, and your individual endeavours.
  • The Emperor and Lapis Lazuli will help to target your throat charka and enhance communication and understanding.
  • Lapis Lazuli will enhance one's thirst for knowledge, understanding and truth. It also helps to enhance memory, learning and overall cognitive function.
  • Self Love Bath Soak will help to ground your energy during this retrograde. Getting in/around water will help to cleanse you and your aura from negativity that may be inhibiting your growth.
  • Self Love Bath Soak and Jade will help you to stay in your heart space, and keep a sense of calm during a time that may feel turbulent.
  • If you need to travel, Jade will assist with all matters relating to movement (including traffic) and Red Aventurine will protect against road accidents.
  • Red Aventurine assists in picking up your energy if you're feeling let down or lethargic.
  • Both Red Aventurine and Print Jasper want to inspire you to take determined action towards what matters to you – to persevere during the tough times.
  • Print Jasper enhances clarity of mind, and if you're feeling confused, meditating with this stone will help you to stay focused and on the right path.

Use these tools with the intention of healing, clarity and peace.

Tip: Keep the crystal that you feel that you need close to you on days where you need support.