Moss Agate Point | Abundance, Strength, Expansion

Moss Agate Point | Abundance, Strength, Expansion

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Moss Agate is widely known as a stone of abundance in all respects. When used in an agricultural environment, the overall health of plants increases; the same is said for health in human beings. Using Moss Agate in times of stress helps to regulate and strengthen the emotional body. Moss Agate attracts prosperity by bringing in new connections and expanding on existing structures. Connected to the heart chakra, Moss Agate gradually challenges one to expand their perceptions of what they can achieve, it helps you to squash negative self-talk. Transforming negative energy is something that Moss Agate does very well – it cleanses your auric field while infusing a loving energy allowing you to feel a sense of peace and calm. Amplify this energy by pairing Moss Agate with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

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~ 8cm - 9cm