Readings with Rebekah | Thursday 27th January, 2022

Readings with Rebekah | Thursday 27th January, 2022

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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Rebekah; I am a healer with clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient abilities – which are fancy ways of saying: I see, feel, know and hear things. I like to read in a way that helps you to become the best version of yourself.
It's my mission to empower and awaken a fire within you. I like to work with you on problems within self, which are mirrored through our relationships with others and situations around us. Yes, of course I can absolutely give you an insight on how things may look in your future, but without coordinated alignment and action, what hope do we have in getting anywhere meaningful to us? 
I'm here to help you get aligned. I just want you to live your best life, in accordance to your highest good.

Every psychic reads differently. I, personally, like to let my client lead the way. Ahead of our 45 minutes together, I would like you to write down three to five specific questions that you would like some guidance on. I can't guarantee that we will get through all of your questions, but what I can guarantee is that you will hear the message that you NEED to hear. Those that I have read for, will know that I won't tell you what you want to hear just because you're paying me, or just because I want to make you happy. Of course, I want to ensure that you are happy, but I refuse to go against what I feel to be true.
You can trust me to always be honest with you, and to give you sound advice on how to make your situation better. 

I endeavour to show up as unapologetically, authentically me – and that can mean that I drop the occasional f-bomb when I get passionate, or if something really frustrates me, for example - narcissistic behaviour in relationships. In exchange, I ask that you show up as unapologetically and authentically you. I ask that you be open to receive the messages spirit has for you during our time together.


  • 45 minute intuitive reading and guidance
  • Reiki healing infusion
  • 10% discount code for any products on within 7 days of your reading.

I believe that many events in our lives are fated, yes – but I believe we have the free will to influence our fate as well. Remember, you are always in complete control.

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