SELF LOVE & PASSION | Crystal DIY Luxe Vegan Candle Kit

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Affirm: I allow my emotions to flow.


​Self love is a tantalising combination of rose petals, jasmine, geranium, a hint of sandalwood and fir. Self love encourages you to look inward and nurture your inner child. Passion is an energising concoction of bergamot, gardenia, vetiver, rose, and driftwood. Passion will help you to reconnect with your fire and creativity - your purpose. 

The combination of the two aromas and the crystals will assist you to embrace your heart chakra through change and help you to be more gentle with yourself. Use SELF LOVE & PASSION as guides, as you nurture the relationship with your inner self.



In the name of love, Rose Quartz and Lepidolite work on your heart chakra. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, while Lepidolite is the stone of mood stability.

With its feminine, soft essence, Rose Quartz softly embraces your heart chakra. It embodies healing, compassion, peace and love. This light pink crystal will help you dissolve fears, emotional wounds, and pent up resentment by allowing you to truly give and receive love in its purest form. Release a loving aura into your life with Rose Quartz.

Lepidolite is one of the best mood stabilisers in the world of crystals. This pink-purple stone will help you to regulate your feelings, and will especially help in extinguishing and balancing fiery emotions. Both Lepidolite and (most) anxiety medications contain a high lithium content; however, Lepidolite's main side effects are listed as a calm mind and a reduction of stress in times of chaos. It helps you to awaken your inner fire - what really makes your heart skip a beat - your passion!


This kit includes:
Instructions walking you through how to make your very own luxe vegan candles
4x Small clear candle jars
40g Rose Quartz crystal pieces
200g Signature Luxe Vegan Candle Wax with Self Love
200g Signature Luxe Vegan Candle Wax with Passion
4x Cotton Wicks
4x Wick Stickers