Self Love Ritual Kit | Love, Care, Appreciation

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1x Self Love Ritual Guide
1x Aphrodite luxe candle (100g | 15+hr burn time)
1x The Tower luxe candle (100g | 15+hr burn time)
1x White Sage Smudge stick
1x Selenite natural wand

Our Self Love ritual kit provides the tools that you will need to bring in feelings of love, care and appreciation. 

  • Aphrodite luxe candle - Aphrodite encourages you to look inward and nurture your inner child; it's okay to give yourself a break when things are getting too much for you to handle, just as it's equally okay to hold yourself accountable when you could be doing more. Aphrodite is all about self respect.
  • The Tower luxe candle - The Tower is an equivalent to a sage smudge stick - but without the smoke; it has the same energetic clearing benefits. It represents an awakening, change, revelation and the need to re-focus. By burning The Tower, you will make space within yourself to refocus on what is truly important - you are burning away the stagnant energy that is blocking you.
  • White Sage smudge stick - Through the process of smudging with white sage, we can neutralise energies in our aura, cleanse our spaces energetically of negative energy or unwelcome spirits.
  • Selenite natural wand - Providing clarity, cleansing and guidance, Selenite heightens your awareness and strengthens your connection to a higher consciousness; Selenite clears away confusion, self doubt and other forms of negativity within one's self. She employs confidence in decision-making and compels you to move forward in your life in a moment of stagnation.

Pair these tools with your solid intention and follow our guide, or make it your own! You will be able to conduct a powerful ritual that will help you to harness the energy you need. 

You know how the saying goes: nothing works unless you do. Keep putting yourself in optimal energy by performing your rituals, and keep doing the necessary work to make changes in your life.