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We all need a little more calm in our lives, especially at times when we feel anxious, overwhelmed or emotionally spent.

Harmonised with our signature combination of lavender and herbs, our beautiful Soothe essence will help you to feel more centred and will assist in controlling anxious thoughts.

This beautiful blend has been created to be sprayed on your face, body and in your auric field. These essences are perfect as a hydrating toner before applying moisturiser, as a makeup setting/refreshing spray or as an auric field cleanser. This herbal remedy will help to soothe and refresh your skin whilst helping to calm your energy.

We have paired this essence with amethyst, which you will see in the bottom of your vessel. Amethyst helps you to feel a sense of ease within you, reduces feelings of anxiety and promotes feelings of wellbeing. Now is a great time to be happy.

How to use SOOTHE as an auric cleanser: simply spray this essence from your left shoulder, over your head, across to your right shoulder - imagine you're spraying your essence in the shape of a rainbow. This will assist in keeping you energetically balanced throughout the day.
After spraying SOOTHE, take a moment to affirm: "I am calm. I am centred. I am balanced".

How to use SOOTHE as a facial toner/hydrating spritz: Keep your eyes and mouth completely closed, press the pump down firmly, whilst holding the bottle ~20cm away from your face. Spray as many times as you desire. Follow with your skincare routine, if using as a facial toner. If you're using this product as a facial spritz to refresh throughout the day, use as often as desired.

TIP: You can also use Soothe as a linen spray for your pillow/sheets before bed. With its comforting aroma, Soothe will help you get relaxed and have a restful sleep.


Please note: Do not ingest this product.