THE HERMIT | Introspection, Wisdom, Solitude

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about: The Hermit
Major Fragrance Notes: Amber, Lavender and Bergamot
Tarot Card Meaning: Wisdom; Seeking solitude; Compassion; Self-sufficient
Chakra: Third-Eye Chakra
Chakra Meaning: Vision; Intuition; Perception of energy; Wisdom
Colour of wax: White

The Hermit is infused with amethyst and dried lavender, which are all melted into the enchanting essences of amber, lavender and zesty bergamot. 

The Hermit represents the need to withdraw from society and explore one's self more fully. It encourages you to shine the light on areas of yourself, and of your life, that you may not be so willing to confront normally. The Hermit perfectly exemplifies how we are all living at the moment; take this time to work on yourself, for yourself. Take this time to consider if you are living your life in accordance to your highest good. The life you want is only ONE decision away. Burn The Hermit during times of isolation and introspection to assist in tuning in with your intuition.

180g | 30+ hour burn time

✓ 100% pure essential oils
✓ Assists in balancing the body's energy fields
✓ Hand poured when the moon is right
✓ Blessed using ancient rituals
✓ Comes with a mantra, and is infused with amethyst crystals and lavender flowers