VIRGO | Practical, Loyal, Analytical

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Virgo is arguably the most practical sign in the zodiac. People born in Virgo energy are extremely hard working and realistic. They are very analytical and seek to understand the finer details of any given situation. They are loyal, thoughtful, pragmatic and careful thinkers, making Virgos amazing problem solvers. In everyday life, Virgos value a well organised schedule, and have a running to-do list.

For Virgo, the major fragrance notes we have used are green olive, lemon thyme, bergamot, amber & musk. This strong combination is designed to relax Virgo’s analytical brain and nurture a more relaxed state of mind, allowing a mentally exhausted Virgo some time to unwind. If you’re a Virgo, this aroma will also help you to feel grounded and at peace with your world. If you’re not a Virgo, you can still burn this candle to help bring Virgo energy into your life.

280g | 50+ hour burn time