THE EYE | Protection, Healing, Bliss

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The Eye is always watching, and reflecting back negativity, jealousy and ill-wishes.

Keep this candle in your home to energetically protect you from harm; burn it with blissful and peaceful intention.

The Eye is your personal talisman against evil, negativity, jealousy and bad luck. It features an ancient and intricate blend of woody amber, fresh vetiver and enticing musk, topped with bergamot and a deep floral note of violet.

We come from a lineage of healing women who can remove the evil eye curse via various ancient methods. We have blessed each of these candles with the same spiritual protective removal methods that we perform when we treat an individual that has the curse.

280g | 50+ hour burn time

420g | 60+ hour burn time

1000g (1kg) | TRIPLE WICK | 60+ hour burn time

2000g (2kg) | SEVEN WICK | 70+ hour burn time | dressed with Black Obsidian Tumbled Stones (2), Opalite, Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli


The Evil Eye (also known as a ‘nazar') is an amulet believed to protect humans against the evil eye. It is seen in ancient times, as early as 3300 BC. The evil eye (curse) is typically characterised by a gaze or stare, believed to cause harm to an individual; bringing them great harm and unhappiness. 

The Evil Eye is a widely accepted protective talisman that spans across many cultures and religions. You will see elements of evil eye symbolism in most Mediterranean cultures, along with Asian, African and Arabic countries; it is also accepted in varying religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Greek philosopher Plutarch suggested a scientific explanation for how we can transmit and attract the evil eye; the human eye has the power of emitting rays of energy (invisible) that, in some cases, potent enough to seriously harm children or small animals.

Plutarch claimed that groups of people south of the Black Sea are 'uncannily proficient' at delivering the curse. Further, he claimed that blue-eyed people are more likely to transmit the curse, due to the fact that this is a genetic rarity in the Mediterranean area. This is believed to be why the typical evil eye symbol colouring is blue.