Palo Santo Ritual Kit | Cleanse, Relax, Energise

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Sustainably grown and ethically sourced, our Palo Santo is a must have for your spiritual practice.

Palo Santo, or 'holy wood' translated, has been used as a healing tool for many, many moons in South America. Similar to white sage, Palo Santo once burned is said to act as an energy cleanser and purifier. Incan culture and tradition ritualised burning the sacred wood in spiritual ceremonies, and believe its smoke has medicinal properties.

Benefits of using Palo Santo include:
✨Remove negative energy
Reset energetic cycles
Neutralise negativity
✨Relieve stress 

This pack features one Palo Santo luxe candle (280g), three pieces of Palo Santo and a FREE piece of Selenite, bringing in clarity and guidance.