PISCES | Empathetic, Artistic, Wise

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Pisces has the most intuitive and dreamy energy in the zodiac. Their imagination is so vivid, as are their real-world dreams. People born under Pisces are friendly, artistic, compassionate and wise. They are extremely faithful and have a nurturing and empathetic energy about them. Pisceans love romance; take a Pisces to the ocean, make him/her a playlist and take snacks - you’ll be their favourite person in no time.

For Pisces, the major fragrance notes we have used are musk, jasmine & vanilla. This soft, feminine combination is designed to calm and soothe Piscean energy that is struggling with their reality. If you’re a Pisces, this aroma will also help you to feel grounded and at peace with your world. If you’re not a Pisces, you can still burn this candle to help bring Pisces energy into your life.


280g | 50+ hour burn time