ROSEMARY & WHITE SAGE | Mental Function, Clarity, Peace

ROSEMARY & WHITE SAGE | Mental Function, Clarity, Peace

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Burn this bundle if you feel your home has a stale energy, or if you want to cleanse and renew your space.

Rosemary is soothing and encourages peace within your surroundings by powerfully removing negative energy in your home and aura. It also enhances mental function, increasing clarity and memory. Rosemary is a great tool when working on remembering past lives.

Burning white sage has been a part of spiritual practices in various cultures for centuries. Heavily ingrained in the history of some Native American tribal groups, white sage was, and still is, used to cleanse, purify and protect a space and the people within it.

Carrying negatively charged ions, white sage will help to regulate your aura, which consists of positively charged ions. Through the process of smudging, we can neutralise energies in our aura, cleanse our spaces energetically of negative energy or unwelcome spirits.

Take your smudging up a notch by using an abalone shell as a durable smudge bowl. Available online here, on

Origin: California

Size: ~13cm